The Search:  A Kozak Superhero

Date: July 12-16, 2010
Inspiration: Adaption of “Za Sestroyu” by Andrija Czaykovskoho about the heroic and epic journey of a young boy becoming a Kozak to free his parents and sister from the enemy…
Highlights: Personal kozak puppets, custom Kozak hats, Zaporizhian Kozak dance, felt hand-made flower head wreaths, Kozak Mamai reverse glass painting, singing Kozak songs, painting the Sich (Kozak Camp), meeting a real-life Kozak Hetman (Military Commander)

Held from July 12 – 16, 2010 in Ottawa Canada, “The Search:  A Kozak Superhero” was inspired by author Andrija Czaykovskoho’s story “Za Sestroyu” (About My Sister).  Adapted by Pokrova, it tells the journey of a young boy, Pavlo, whose parents and sister, Anna were captured by roaming Tartars and taken away to a distant land.  Hurt and afraid, Pavlo flees to a Kozak Sich, only to be later taken captive by a young Tartar leader.  Befriending an old captured Kozak warrier, Pavlo learns the ways of the Kozaks while experiencing a journey of redemption, joy and ultimately reunification.

In 2010, Pokrova Camp explored the history, practices and life of the Kozaks.  From Kozak clothing of hats and wreaths of the time, to reimagining Kozak dances and songs, and making personal kozak dolls.  Children painted and illustrated Pavlo’s story through sketching, writing a reverse glass painting of the traditional image of Kozak Mamai, listened to an old Kozak Hetman tell his story, and held an original artifact from the time of Bohdan Khmelnytsky c1600. “The Search:  A Kozak Superhero” gave every child the chance to become a Kozak in Canada.

25 children from North America listened, played, painted, created, constructed, sang and danced to celebrate the legacy and story of the Kozaks.

Pokrova Camp’s Honourary Patron was the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Ihor Ostash.