Toy Story


Date: July 25-29, 2011
Inspiration: A faceless doll “motanka” spans generations of Ukrainian toys brought to Canada to protect children.
Highlights: Creating a vintage, custom hand-made motanka doll; painting a wooden toy from Ukraine;  making an asphalt acrylic canvas painting; becoming real life singing & dancing toys

Held from July 25-29, 2011 in Ottawa Canada, “Toy Story” begins with teacher Ms Koval’s class trip to the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec.  The class discovers a faceless doll – ‘motanka’ – triggering the teacher’s childhood memory. Searching on-line, children uncover the story of motanka and modern day Ukraine reaching back to the generations of Ukrainian toys that journeyed to Canada, unraveling the mysteries of tradition and belonging in a new land.

In 2011, Pokrova Camp explored the story of toys and the faceless doll, ‘motanka’, creating unique dances showcasing toy imagery, including a kozak doll.  Children made acrylic and asphalt canvas paintings, hand-made dolls out of vintage fabric from grandparent and great-grandparent estates and wooden hand-painted toys.  “Toy Story” made the ancient, modern.

32 children from North America drew, sewed, played, painted, created, sang and danced celebrating the modern faceless “motanka” from across the generations in Canada and Ukraine.

Pokrova Camp’s Honourary Patron was the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Ihor Ostash.