Magic Malanka


Date: July 18-22, 2016
Inspiration: Traditional Malanka (New Year’s) celebrations in the Carpathian Mountains
Highlights: Original story written by Dr. Maryna Hrymych, Ukrainian novelist & academician currently Editor in Chief of the Publishing House of Duliby & Pokrova Alumna; Acrylic canvas painting with palette knives & paper mache mask making with Ottawa, Ontario artist & educator Sheena Kalmakova; Winter Wonderland girls’ dance choreographed by Thunder Bay, Ontario’s Sara Cooper; a special recital with the Amarok Ensemble of Toronto, Ontario & mezzo-soprano Calgary, Alberta’s Stephania Romaniuk; Making Masks, Masks Come to Life, Celebration in the Village dances choreographed by Jeremy Luby of Thunder Bay, Ontario; original spoon ‘motanky’ (dolls) with Elaine Clark of Arnprior & Miroslawa Bilaniuk of Ottawa; stuffed original bears taught by Natalya Chabanyuk; home-made sour-cherry rohalyky (cookies) culinary lesson with Oksana Kavera; Malanka music (Our Malanka, Asking the Host, Good Evening to You! & Little Night in Carpathians) taught by mezzo-soprano Stephania Romaniuk of Calgary, Alberta; how to host an exhibition & concert talk by Chrystia Chudczak of Ottawa, Ontario; special greetings from Yurii Nykytiuk, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada on behalf of Pokrova’s Honourary Patron, His Excellency Andriy Shevchenko; Pokrova Camp Main Stage Performance at the 2nd Capital Ukrainian Festival on July 23, 2016; and a special hand decorated Pokrova Piano for Chamberfest and Pianos in the Park.

Held July 18-22, 2016, in Ottawa, Canada, Camp “Malanka Magic” is inspired by the traditions of Ukrainians celebrating the ancient holiday of “Malanka” (New Years).

Situated in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, Pokrova Camp explored the story of Ostapchyk, a child visiting his grandparents in a Hutzul village during the Christmas season. Curious, Ostap stumbles into his grandfather’s magical workshop to discover the secrets of Malanka as animal masks come to life creating chaos. Is it real, or a dream? Ostap never knows.

In 2016, Pokrova Camp, in partnership with Roman Borys, Artistic Director and Colin McFarland, Education Coordinator for ChamberFest 2016, featured a performance of the Amarok Ensemble. Consisting of Brenna Hardy-Kavanagh (violin), Bryan Holt (cello), and Lisa Tahara (piano), the trio collaborated with Pokrova music instructor Stephania Romaniuk for a concert of classical, romantic and show tunes, including featuring Ukrainian composer Bohdan Wesolowsky (1915-1971).   For the second year, Pokrova Camp performed at Capital Ukrainian Festival on July 23, 2016.

ChamberFest, Pokrova & Pianos in the Park (Ottawa) collaborated by sanding, priming and decorating a donated upright piano used by Amarok Ensemble concerts throughout the City of Ottawa.

31 children aged 6-12 years from Canada, the United States and Ukraine danced, sang, drew & created artwork and performances reflecting the unique Hutzul Malanka experience.

In 2016, Pokrova week featured a double-header Master Class with Ottawa visual artist Sheena Kalmakova focusing on acrylic painting and Ukrainian dancers from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Jeremy Luby and Sara Cooper showcasing Ukrainian dance.

Pokrova Camp’s Honourary Patron is His Excellency, Andrij Shevchenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada.