Diplomatic Pysanka


Date: April 16, 2011
Organizer: Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, Dr. Maryna Hrymych, Spouse of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Ihor Ostash
Pokrova:  Pokrova instructed a pysanka workshop for the diplomatic corps in Ottawa, Canada

Held April 16, 2011 and organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, under the direction of Dr. Maryna Hrymych, spouse of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Ihor Ostash, Diplomatic Pysanka celebrates the art of the Ukrainian Easter Egg.  Members of Canada’s National Capital diplomatic corps were invited to learn how to make the ‘pysanka’, the traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg.

Pokrova Ukrainian Arts Network was invited instruct the workshop.

Chrystia Chudczak kicked off the workshop explaining the meaning of the ‘pysanka’ and demonstrating the traditional batik method to create unique, personal and meaningful art.

Dr. Miroslawa Bilaniuk showcased another technique creating a ‘Lemko’ pysanka.  This involves pulling a needle drenched with wax across an eggshell, evoking ancient patterns of nature and life.

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