Dance Master Class

Date: July 24, 2013
Instructor:  Valerii Odaiskyj, Guest Artist, Ukrainian Mixed Martial Arts Expert, from Vorokhta, Ukraine, to instruct “Boyoyvj/Rukopash Hopak”
Partner: Chervonodibrovska Sich, Chernivestska Oblast, National Federation of Brotherhood of Knights, Ukraine; Free Fight, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Vorokhta, Ukraine

Held July 24, 2012 in Ottawa Canada, Pokrova Master Class (Dance) welcomed Valerii Odaiskyj, as guest artist and instructor in the unique dance form of Boyoyvy/Rukopash Hopak. Over the past two decades, Ukrainian kickboxing, karate and mixed martial arts has merged with traditional Ukrainian and Kozak dances.  The result is a uniquely modern art form, hugely popular and indigenous to Ukraine.

Valerii Odaiskyj fuses art and sport for a special Pokrova Master Class in dance.  As head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Free Fight Federation, he brings significant experience to this discipline.  Notably, he was featured in Eurovision 2004 winner and Ukrainian pop star Ruslana’s 2003 video “Dyki Tantsi” (Wild Dances) (see below).

Pokrova Network is proud to have been one of the first in Canada to showcase the art of Boyoyvy/Rukopash Hopak.  Thanks to Natalia Romas for making it happen.