Pokrova at the Capital Ukrainian Festival


Held July 18- 22, 2016 in Ottawa, Canada, Camp “Malanka Magic” is inspired by the traditions of Ukrainians celebrating the ancient holiday of “Malanka” (New Year’s).

Situated in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, Pokrova Camp explored the story of Ostapchyk, a child visiting his grandparents in a Hutzul village during the Christmas season. Curious, Ostapchyk stumbles into his grandfather’s magical workshop to discover the secrets of Malanka, as animal masks come to life creating chaos. Is it real, or a dream? Ostapchyk never finds out.

For the second year, Pokrova Camp performed at the Capital Ukrainian Festival on July 23, 2016. 31 children aged 6-12 years from Canada, the United States and Ukraine danced and sang on stage with performances reflecting the unique Hutzul Malanka experience. Under the direction of performance instructors, Calgary, Alberta’s Stephania Romaniuk (music) and Thunder Bay, Ontario’s Sara Cooper and Jeremy Luby (dance), Pokrova campers performed songs and dances learned over five short days in Canada’s Capital.